Curbside Pet Spa 

Mobile Grooming
Sit-Stay-We Come To You!!
Spa Services

  • Warm bath
  • Natural high quality shampoo that fits your pets needs
  • Blueberry facial scrub
  • Hand blow drying (no cage drying)
  • A thorough brush out
  • Sanitary area & paw pads trimmed (if necessary) 
  • Full body hair trim / Breed standard cut or Owners preference (if requested)
  • Nails clipped and filed down
  • Ears cleaned
  • Ears plucked (if necessary/requested)
  • Anal glands expressed upon request 
  • Cologne
  • Bandana or Bow

Breed,size,temperament, and coat condition are factors in determining cost. A very difficult and/ or time-consuming groom may require a price adjustment. Please call or e-mail for a price estimate.

There will be an extra charge for de-matting - if pet is severely matted it will have to be given a short haircut so the coat is taken down nice and tight.

If your Pet needs a skunk or flea bath, please let us know ahead of time so we can schedule accordingly. Preferably at the end of the day as the unit will need to be thoroughly cleaned before next day appointments. This will prevent the chance of other pets getting contaminated.

Additional Services
  • Teeth Brushing 
  • Nail Painting 
  • Feather Extensions 
  • Creative Styling/Hair Color
  • Flea Bath 
  • Skunk Bath 

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